Mon Dec 12 2022

Why use an Interview Kit?

Creating an interviewing kit creates a standardized approach to the interviewing process. Having that consistency offers many benefits for the company and the candidates.

Interview Kit

Below are the benefits of using an Interview Kit:

  • Covering all steps during each interview to ensure you complete everything
  • Having a fair, consistent interview process for each candidate
  • Ensuring each candidate gets the same set of questions for an even comparison
  • Rating each candidate using the same system for a more objective decision
  • Keeping all interviewers on the same page with the interview process and needs for the job
  • Ensuring good internal communication about the interview process
  • Streamlining the interview process by having everything ready
  • Allowing interviewers to focus on the answers instead of coming up with questions during the interview
  • Gathering all data on the candidate in one spot for each review
  • Keeping data organized and easily accessible after the interviews
  • Following consistent interviewing practices, even when different managers conduct interviews

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