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Get an instant Careers Page to list your job openings, along with a powerful Applicant Tracking Dashboard to manage candidates.

You get an instant Careers Page with multiple customisation options including theme color:

Used by companies big and small:

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You get a fully customisable Applicant Tracking System and a pre-configured Interview Kit:

All the essentials you need


Instant Careers Page

Get an instant customisable careers page and list your job openings


Applicant Tracking

Track applicants across Hiring Stages that can be customised


Team Collaboration

Collaborate with your team and make important hiring decisions


You get lightning fast 1-click interview scheduling:

With, you don't just get an Instant Careers Page Builder, but you get all the supporting tools to manage the applicants once they apply using your personalised careers page! Interview Scheduling is one important tool which helps schedule interviews quickly and efficiently.

Just ask your team members to connect their work calendars, Google or Outlook and then their availabilities shall be shown while scheduling interviews with them. Select a slot that is available and there you go, a meeting link invite shall be sent to everyone involved in the interview along with the Candidate and the Interviewer!

Add multiple companies and easily switch between them:

With's flat monthly price of $29/month for the Recruiter Plan, you get incredible features like creating as many companies as you want! Now, this is a deal breaker for Recruiting Agencies & Freelance Recruiters as they deal with multiple companies at once and need a way to separate their data for those companies.

The benefit for recruiting agencies & freelance recruiters is that you get a job post link where candidates may apply, your internal hiring team can collaborate with the company's hiring team, and multiple other things you can't just do with Excel Sheets like Candidate File Uploads and an Activity Timeline of the Candidate, that too at just $29/month!


Why Use

Your data stays with you forever

When you use an applicant tracking and recruiting software, your data stays with you forever. All the candidates that you have come across won't be lost and can be very useful for closing future hires.

Control the data you share

Share only the information you want to share with your team or even external recruiters. You are in control of your data!

Communicate within the platform

Whether it is communicating internally with your team or communicating with the candidate, you do it all within the platform without ever leaving it.

All the information at a glance

When you use an Applicant Tracking System and Recruiting Software, all the information regarding your company's hiring is at one place and not scattered across various tools.


Effortlessly collaborate with your team:

Team collaboration is very important while making important Hiring Decisions. allows you to invite as many internal or external team members as you need. Pay $29/month flat for our Recruiter Plan and invite your entire Hiring Team. We don't charge you on per user basis as most other recruiting softwares do!

Jobs Overview:

View all your jobs at a glance and know how many candidates are active across your Hiring Stages. The Jobs Overview page helps hiring managers prioritise work by having information about all the jobs at a glance on one single page!


How to create an Instant Careers Page?


Sign Up

Your careers page will be instantly live after Sign Up!


Create Job

Just enter a Job Title to create new job!


Copy Job Post Link

Copy the Job Post link and keep it handy.


Share your Job Post

Share your job post & start receiving applicants.


Board View:

Need to quickly review the candidates across Hiring Stages? Use the Board View from 3 different views that we provide including Table View, Candidate View & Board View!


Keep your team in the loop:

Add comments and hear back from the hiring team about what they think about a particular candidate. Let the entire Hiring Team stay in the loop!

You can also see exactly what happened in each stage by switching between Scores, Interviews, Comments & Emails for a particular stage.

Who is for?


Companies of any size, small to big can use to streamline their hiring process. Along with internal hiring teams, companies can also add external recruiters and control their roles & privileges.

Staffing Agencies

Staffing agencies deal with multiple companies and that's where stands out the most as it allows creating unlimited companies while still offering a flat price of just $29/month.

Freelance Recruiters

Freelance Recruiters mostly use Excel sheets for hiring. With the truly unlimited "Recruiter" plan offered by at a flat pricing model of $29/month, freelance recruiters can now switch to ATS!


Can I customise my Careers Page created with
Yes, you can personalise your careers page using, by including your company logo, company description, changing the theme to match your branding and customising the job application form.

Is a Careers Page Builder or an Applicant Tracking System? is primarily an Instant Careers Page provider which also gives you a powerful Applicant Tracking Dashboard to track and interview the applicants along with your entire Hiring Team.

Does have a Free Plan?
Yes!'s free plan offers you 3 active jobs on your careers page and essential applicant tracking features.

What is the meaning of Flat Pricing model that offers?
Flat pricing model means, doesn't charge you on per job or per user basis. You just pay the flat monthly fee and you get unlimited access to all the features where you can create unlimited jobs, unlimited companies and onboard unlimited Hiring Team Members.

How is useful for staffing agencies and freelance recruiters?
Staffing agencies and freelance recruiters mostly deal with multiple companies. That's where comes to help as it provides a flat pricing model where recruiters can create unlimited companies and unlimited jobs even while paying a flat monthly fee!

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